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Our Friends at Equator

30 April 2015

Earlier this week we hosted another guerilla day - a short project working with industry collaborators. For these short projects, the class is briefed at 9.15am and they present their concepts at 4pm. This time around we had Patrick Bjorkman and Stephen Noble in from Glasgow's leading digital agency, Equator, so a big thanks to them for their support, enthusiasm and energy.

Guerilla Time, Naturelly

23 April 2015

After the Easter break, all our groups are now working on their final projects, but there was still time to squeeze in one of our famous one day projects.  For this one, mentor Charlie Boyle came in yesterday from Multiply at 9.15am sharp to take our HNC group through a guerilla project.

Charlie gave a presentation on behalf of the client, juice drinks brand Naturelly, and tasked the class to develop a viral video concept to promote Naturelly's Jelly juice drink by 3.30pm that day.

Charlie Boyle (right) with the HNC class in studio R310.

Guerilla projects are a mainstay of the course and one of the key learning strategies we have in place to develop design thinking. Multiply will announce the winner in due course and the idea will be put forward for development. The agency will also be offering a summer placement to the winning team.

Realising Their Potential

29 March 2015

Team Realise were named winners of our One Week project on Thursday by Lucy Hine, Marketing Manager for Innis and Gunn.

"We weren't prepared for just how great the work from all the teams turned out to be," said Lucy. "The presentations were very professional and we couldn't believe how much had been accomplished given the short project time. Every team had at least one idea that was completely new and exciting in terms of answering the brief and promoting our brand, but Team Realise gave us the strongest solution that worked right across all the required channels."

Team Realise's concept 'A Great Find' included strong branding visuals, a raft of guerilla advertising ideas, and a sophisticated user experience. Samples from all the work, plus a short film about the project, will be available soon.  In the meantime you can read mentor Gregor Matheson's take on how the project went over at the Realise blog.

Work by all the teams is currently being exhibited in the college Hub. Our Storify timeline documents the project and the reaction to the winning pitch.

Milestones : Zombie

28 March 2015

This year's ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) student assessment featured a brief entitled 'Milestones', which asked students to explore a subject of their choice and create a milestone in that subject, primarily through the use of typography.

HND student Simon Griffith's solution was an exploration of the evolution and history of the Zombie movie, designed in the form of a single page website. Simon's concept was to explore the subject without reference to the visual imagery and composition we normally associate with the genre, and instead to look back at a classic pre-digital format, microfiche.

A minimalist menu-based layout, with a great colour scheme, daring use of whitespace and beautifully crafted typography all support the detailed wikipedia-sourced content in this highly original piece of information design.

You can check out samples from all the ISTD projects on our Pinterest board. Subjects the students explored for this project include the Hubble Telescope, the history of high heels, the genius of Nikola Tesla, Brutalism in Modernism, and a seminal heavyweight boxing match.

Pitching #oneweek6

24 March 2015

On Thursday, our 'One Week' student design teams will be pitching their projects to the client, Edinburgh's craft-beer specialists Innis & Gunn.  Up in the studio, each team will be given a fifteen minute slot - 10 minutes to present and then 5 minutes for a Q&A.  After the presentations, Lucy Hine, Marketing Manager at Innis & Gunn, will have the tough task of choosing the winning solution.

Lucy Hine, Innis & Gunn. Pic by Derek Anderson.

Directly after the presentations, in what has become a bit of a tradition, we'll exhibit all the artwork in the college Hub where mentors and designers from all of the agencies involved will get to view the results at a lunchtime reception.

Presentation times:
09.30 - Team Blonde
09.45 - Team Gate
10.00 - Team Multiply
10.15 - Team Lewis
10.30 - Team Realise
10.45 - Team Whitespace

You can also check out a series of images on our flickr, taken by our resident photographer Derek Anderson, who toured the agencies and team locations recording the project.

#oneweek6 Friday

20 March 2015

Our latest 'One Week' project is finishing up today, with the teams finalising their ideas with their respective mentors and agencies. The client for this project is Edinburgh-based craft beer specialists Innis and Gunn, and the agencies who've supported the course and taken on teams are Blonde Digital, The Gate Worldwide, Lewis, MultiplyUK, Realise and Whitespace.

All six teams will have a few days to tweak their solutions, and the final presentations to the client will be on Thursday. The work will also be exhibited in the college Hub on that day, and the winning design will be used by Innis & Gunn in its summer promotion plans. You can catch up on how the projects have been going via our Storify, although the teams have been under strict instructions for the client not to discuss or post images of their work.