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The graphic design course blog for HND
Visual Communication at Edinburgh College.

The graphic design course blog for HND Visual Communication at Edinburgh College.

Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards

26 September 2014

We're only a few weeks into the new session but we are already celebrating an award nomination. HND Graphic Design students Ryan Allan, Mark Phillips and Jordan Pollock, who graduated today at the Usher Hall in the College's annual ceremony, have had an entry shortlisted at the prestigious Herald Scottish Digital Business Awards, in the Student category.

Back in July, towards the end of their studies, the trio submitted 'Lockdown', a YCN project to encourage donations to the Royal Albert Hall.  The solution was an experimental guerilla campaign and event promotion, featuring some striking visual styling, an original events-driven idea, and some awesome UX design.

Lockdown promo visual

All three graduates have already successfully entered industry - Mark is currently working at Blonde Digital,  Jordan is a junior designer at Whitespace, and Ryan is a graphic designer at Mywebcare.  You can check out their Lockdown project sampler here.

About the Awards
Launched in 2009, the awards recognise the success of businesses large and small across Scotland producing commercial and creative work in digital technologies, design and media channels.

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Thursday, October 23, 2014 at the Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow when Scotland’s most innovative businesses will come together in celebration of their achievements, so good luck to the guys.

Mentoring & Motivation

25 September 2014

Two excellent examples from the HND Motivation project, which students presented last night in the Studio at our first mentoring event of the 2014-2015 session.

Dystopian Design Buddies

23 September 2014

As if we aren't busy enough getting our HND class ready for the first Mentoring Evening of the session (Wed 24th), we're about to launch a new employer engagement strategy for the HNC group.

This new idea is the 'Design Buddies' programme, where students get to buddy-up with some of our recent graduates, who will then form a mentor-student relationship, popping into college to do crits and providing feedback and art direction on various projects. The idea is to get our HNC class acclimatised to working with industry people so that when they move into the final year and join the mentoring programme, the transition is less daunting and smoother. Initially we've asked ten of our former grads, all working in agencies across Edinburgh and Glasgow, to sign up to be a Design Buddy. First up for them to get their teeth into will be a book cover design project.

This project is set every year at HNC, and covers a lot of the techniques, ideas and process required for the Typography and Design in Context units at SCQF level 7.  Last year the project brief was to design covers for four classic Raymond Chandler novels.  This time around, we've decided to go with the theme of 'Dystopia'.  The brief asks the students to design three covers from list of eight titles suggested by the client, Penguin.  The solution needs to be purely typographic, and the titles must be part of a collectable series. The list includes works by the likes of George Orwell, Philip K. Dick, Marge Piercy and William Gibson.

The Design Buddies can expect a sizeable PDF in their inbox soon containing sketchbook ideas and early versions of design work for Dystopia.

Two Truths One Lie

22 September 2014

A couple of excellent examples today from the recent NC project 'Two Truths, One Lie' - based around exploring true and false personal statements and how these messages can be used to manipulate the emotional response of the target audience.

Adam Rauch - 'I Pay For'

Matthew White - 'I Have Never Watched Groundhog Day'

We Love Collaboration

29 August 2014

It was a busy induction week for all three of our Graphic Design groups. The HND and HNC classes (totalling 40 students) collaborated on a project which included a day-long workshop in screen-printing, led by one of our final-year students, Sarah Diver-Lang, who teaches printmaking and booking binding at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts.

Sarah Diver-Lang demonstrates screen printing in R310.

With some screen-printing skills under their belts, in teams of four, the students explored a word or phrase and then produced a set of scamps and a bunch of A3 posters showing off their concepts. For many it was their first introduction to a more traditional approach to design execution - and certainly a messier one than we normally see in the studio. We'll put some of the work up from the project on Pinterest later this week.

Studio pics by Tanis Grandison

Our new NC class also got in on the activities by exhibiting a series of 16 A2 moodboards which they'd worked on during the week as part of their 'Colour Me Impressed' project. These samples give a pretty good indication of some great exploration of colour, mood and tone :

Red by Adam Rauch

Spectrum by Lindsay Walker 

Orange by Hannah Lark
There are more moodboard samples on our Pinterest Boards.

Colour Me Impressed

24 August 2014

Today we welcomed our new NC Graphics students to the course, and after a short presentation and some course-related housekeeping, we got down to business of getting them started by issuing a 3-day project 'Colour Me Impressed'.  The idea of this project is to get our fledgling designers thinking about visual signals and emotional responses, and to look at one of the basic building blocks of visual communication, colour. They'll put together a sketchbook and an A2 mood board exploring their favourite colour.

To get everyone talking about colour, we'll be taking the class to the Fruitmarket Gallery on Tuesday morning to catch the Jim Lambie exhibition (running from 27 June – 19 October).

Zobop at the Fruitmarket Gallery. Pic by Alasdair Muir.

Lambie is one of Scotland's most important and original contemporary artists. Nominated for the Turner Prize in 2005, he uses bright colours, lines, shapes and everyday objects to create dazzling pattern-based artworks, including his most famous work 'ZOBOP', a floor-based psychedelic sculpture of continuous coloured lines of vinyl tape that can be exhibited on any floorspace with mesmerising results.

Let's hope this provides useful inspiration for the project. The class will mount their work on Thursday at 2pm in the studio corridor, then join the HN classes in the studio to celebrate the end of induction week and the start of their design education.

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