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HND Visual Communication at Edinburgh College

HND 2 - 'Journey'

20 January 2008

This is an ISTD.org.uk brief.

The Brief
Take a metaphorical journey on the theme of connections. Explore the theme as broadly as possible and take us on a journey that might link, amongst other things – people, events, philosophies, theories, objects, movements, inventions, history, literature, etc.

Your journey is only limited by your own imagination and the quality of your research
– surprise us with the juxtaposition of your selected themes but be sure to communicate to the viewer the ‘connectedness’ of the thinking within your design.

You may wish to consider a linear journey, for example, focussing on a single theme such as ‘literature’.

Alternatively, you might wish to take a more diverse route by connecting seemingly disparate themes – remembering however, that you must demonstrate the logic of the connections. This is the fundamental challenge of the brief. Your connections should not be so obvious that they fail to engage the viewer; equally they should not be so obscure that they cause confusion in the narrative flow.

Here’s food-for-thought –

Victorian Music Hall – Charlie Chaplin – Communist witch-hunts – The Cold War – Space Race – Telstar – Digital TV

As ever, the goal is to communicate your journey through a visually stimulating piece
of work that demonstrates robust research and development, considered typographic experimentation and craft, underpinned by intellectual rigour – a typographic ‘tour-de-force’.

We do not wish to be prescriptive about the form of the finished piece. It could be a high quality printed publication or a screen-based interpretation – surprise us with your ingenuity.

• Research and Development
• Strategy
• Specifications/Grid(s)
• Dummy/Prototype(s)
• Presentation

Submissions will only be accepted in one robust portfolio no larger than A2.