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HND Visual Communication at Edinburgh College

Getting the WOW factor

30 August 2010

This year's College-wide induction theme is WOW - and the induction project for HND Visual Communication features a collaboration between Year 1 and Year 2.

Induction Brief : WOW
Design Studios are always trying to convince clients that their campaign idea or brief solution will have that ‘WOW’ factor.

Your team is required to explore the WOW factor in any area of visual communication, and produce a finished piece which has the WOW effect

You can choose any medium for this work - print, web, video, installation, 3D, mixed media, packaging and so on – but the result has to be WOW.

This is a team project, but research, ideas and planning should be documented individually in your WOW Booklet.
HND 1 will lead the research and concept.
HND 2 will lead with planning, art direction and resources.

Suggested Workflow:
Tuesday - ice-breakers, inspiration, brief, brainstorm and teams.
Wed - action plan, resources, initial concepts, development
Thurs – development, locations (optional)
Friday – finalise and present.

The finished WOW piece.
Your WOW Induction booklet.

Your team will present on Friday Sept 3rd