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WOW Presentations

3 September 2010

First Year HND student Nick Cameron presents his teams' wow project.

Year 1 and 2 HND groups presented their WOW induction projects today. The NC classes were invited along and the event was also filmed.

Each group had taken the 'WOW' factor concept and developed a visual presentation. The ideas included giant toys (dominoes, playing cards and a remote control Dalek), a set of WOW toiletries, an ad agency promotion and a number of inventive outdoor interactive installations.

The videos and presentations are all available for students to view in the Archive drive. I'll post some of the videos to the blog soon.

Video: 'Daily Wow' by Kay, Kinga, Stacey and Tadas.

Video: 'Client meets Designer' by Terry, Jonny, Ross and Paul.