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How To Hit The Ground Running

28 November 2010

One of our HND graduates from 2010, Tania Meiring, has just secured a job with Dorset-based agency CreativeByte.

Tania is now working in a small, talented team, and inside the first week has already produced her first pieces - packaging visuals for Linsar LED Televisions.

As Creativebyte point out on their website, they are a relaxed bunch, but that doesn't mean that they don't expect a new designer to hit the ground running. In Tania's case that's not been a problem.

All images courtesy of CreativeByte.


Kay said...

Tania has inspired us all. Its a different type of packaging to what we are used to, thinking about big boxes could be a cool brief, also with type fitting and using standard stuff that would have to be on the box for EU regs etc. PS, just noticed your recommended links dont open in a new page Chris!

Chris Hughes said...

Thanks Kay. CreativeByte's website has good examples of the whole range of Linsar visuals, which are very nicely put together.

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