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Very Good Liquid Gold

2 February 2011

Earlier this week HND 1 presented concepts for their YCN project to Helena.

The class was given the Glayva brief - to create activity that resonates with a new younger target, and that drives awareness of White & Mackay's self-styled 'best liqueur in the world' and how it should be mixed and enjoyed.

Looking through the work, this is probably the strongest all-round submission that the class have produced. A lot of the solutions are typographical, all of them feature genuinely original and creative ideas, and everyone has started to get a real feel for branding communications.

it would be great to post up some examples here, but the final submissions to YCN, which will be completely digital this year, aren't due until 25 March, so the bad news is we can't show any of the work online yet.

The good news is that the class will be able to take these works-in-progress along to the D&AD event next week at Glasgow's School of Art and hopefully get some constructive criticism from their peers and prospective employers.

YCN Glayva brief