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Massimo's 12

31 March 2011

HND Year 2 were treated to an excellent session today from one of our mentors, Ian Kirkby from the Lewis Creative Consultancy.

Ian had set the class a short project based around Massimo Vignelli's assertion that there are probably only about a dozen really good typefaces. The task was to select a list of twelve essential typefaces and then design a set of posters promoting an exhibition of 'Massimo's 12'.

For the record the typefaces were:

Serif: Bodoni, Bell MT, Sabon, Nouvelle
Sans Serif: Helvetica, League Gothic, DIN, Metro, Futura, Gill Sans
Slab Serif: Rockwell
Script: Hancock

The overall judgement was that the top design came from Paul Dankool and his Rockwell poster. The twelve posters are available to view in our gallery pages, and are on display in the design studio, and Ian plans to exhibit them in the Lewis studio as well.

Ian also presented a recent branding project which Lewis had worked on, and took the class through the various stages of ideas development the agency had proposed to their client.

This included a detailed analysis of the client's current image, a proposed set of branding aims, and some great web samples, including some cool grid-based wireframes and visuals incorporating the new branding and some very sleek web typography.


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