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5 May 2014

According to the CBi's Creative Nation report, the creative industries now provides a 'central part of the UK’s global appeal' and subsequently underpins much of the UK economy. The key action moving forward that the report highlights is that 'to cement its position as the world’s leading creative hub, the industry has to take steps now to build on existing progress'.

One big aspect of this is the 'synergy' between the various disciplines and areas - the need for collaboration and a sharing of ideas to ensure that all the underlying industries involved have the foundations in place for long-term success.

Our HNC groups have been investigating this situation as part of their Creative Industries projects. This year Film & TV, Radio and Graphics all worked together on a series of outcomes based around exploring, documenting and disseminating information and ideas about the current state of the Creative Industries. This includes how studios and production companies recruit and manage teams, and control workflow, budgets and copyright issues.

Working in Film & TV and Radio collaborated on an infographics project, which was written as a radio or film script, and then either broadcast or shot as video. Graphics then provided art direction on publishing this work, either via blogs, social media, or more traditional channels.

Tutor Conor Wright explains the process' "Earlier this year the college launched an initiative called 'Creatives Connect' - basically a social media space where creatives from all the courses could organise collaboration, share best practice and generally get into the habit of networking. So with the emphasis on cross-collaboration and a multi-disiplined approach to creative work, we felt that the groups should emulate this working style, so that their investigation of synergy in the sector was itself an example of that synergy".