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29 August 2014

It was a busy induction week for all three of our Graphic Design groups. The HND and HNC classes (totalling 40 students) collaborated on a project which included a day-long workshop in screen-printing, led by one of our final-year students, Sarah Diver-Lang, who teaches printmaking and booking binding at Edinburgh Contemporary Crafts.

Sarah Diver-Lang demonstrates screen printing in R310.

With some screen-printing skills under their belts, in teams of four, the students explored a word or phrase and then produced a set of scamps and a bunch of A3 posters showing off their concepts. For many it was their first introduction to a more traditional approach to design execution - and certainly a messier one than we normally see in the studio. We'll put some of the work up from the project on Pinterest later this week.

Studio pics by Tanis Grandison

Our new NC class also got in on the activities by exhibiting a series of 16 A2 moodboards which they'd worked on during the week as part of their 'Colour Me Impressed' project. These samples give a pretty good indication of some great exploration of colour, mood and tone :

Red by Adam Rauch

Spectrum by Lindsay Walker 

Orange by Hannah Lark
There are more moodboard samples on our Pinterest Boards.