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Milestones : Zombie

28 March 2015

This year's ISTD (International Society of Typographic Designers) student assessment featured a brief entitled 'Milestones', which asked students to explore a subject of their choice and create a milestone in that subject, primarily through the use of typography.

HND student Simon Griffith's solution was an exploration of the evolution and history of the Zombie movie, designed in the form of a single page website. Simon's concept was to explore the subject without reference to the visual imagery and composition we normally associate with the genre, and instead to look back at a classic pre-digital format, microfiche.

A minimalist menu-based layout, with a great colour scheme, daring use of whitespace and beautifully crafted typography all support the detailed wikipedia-sourced content in this highly original piece of information design.

You can check out samples from all the ISTD projects on our Pinterest board. Subjects the students explored for this project include the Hubble Telescope, the history of high heels, the genius of Nikola Tesla, Brutalism in Modernism, and a seminal heavyweight boxing match.