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Adobe BC

3 September 2016

Two of our final year students, Liam Philp and Matt White, devised the 2016/2017 Induction Project, entitled  'Adobe BC'.  The guys put together an awesome opening presentation and devised an ice-breaker task, then pitched the two-day project - to name and brand a stone-age design agency, and then sell the wheel by creating a poster.

As usual, we requested that no computers could be used, so that the whole project was hands-on. This year we decided to bring our NC group into the mix, giving us a group of almost 60 students, working over two days in groups of 5 or 6, with each group led by a final year student.

On the first day, the groups named and branded their companies. Matt and Liam supplied 10 slabs of stone on which each team had to create their mark.  On the second day, the teams set about promoting the invention of the wheel.

The winning team were 'Jakulating Nutz', led by Dora Bowman (HND2) and Aga Pomaranska (HNC).  Well done guys, we loved the ideas but the copy was a bit suspect...